as if its real

Have another site, asifitsreal
~ private until now ~ will post there instead.
I'll add some of my new paintings, & 
photos from my Tibet & Nepal, China & other trips. 
Email me if you want details of prints etc
address in right hand column under 'about'.
At present, painting is more compelling than digital artwork.


Irene Oberstenfeld de Suarez said...

So you are back on your blog? I hope so!!!


anie williams said...

Hi Kiki,
am adding to another site, asifitsreal,
& will take this blog offline quite soon.
I figure you must be home, as I saw from the stat counter that someone from Tuxtla had visited.
Will write soon. love Anie

Irene Oberstenfeld de Suarez said...

I really like to read from you!!!