Yes, it looks like I've come to the end of this blog,
also enjoying to see what happens next,
rather than try to decide: just to see 
what I find myself doing.
.. or not ..


paintingxpictures said...

Dear Anie
I have just noticed someone using one of your I Ching pics on You Tube. Someone else asked whose pic it was and I let them all know about you and your blog spot. Just wanted to say that the I Ching series is truly inspired and brilliant. Great to here your are painting again.

anie williams said...
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anie williams said...

Thanks .. Actually it wasn't my painting on that video.
I like it, & have done similar ones, & unfortunately don't know the artist's name.
Its one of my regrets about the web: people "find" an image & re-use it in some way without any
acknowledgement, payment, or even comment to the artist/photographer.
I couldnt add a comment on YouTube without filling out more details, joining, or whatever it is.

2/10/13 6:41 pm